April 3, 2018

Wowzers and Ooosh! We are all super excited to get the music out there for you all to groove to. Lets get all our heads down, have some fun and enjoy our very own power prog live on stage! AND we will play Achilles Heel, promise. More info right......here 


March 9, 2018

The latest song from the band. Catch Achilles Heel and Travel Conspiracy live at HRH Prog in November. Tickets on sale here

January 24, 2018

The amazing Greg Smith has created this rather special number for the band. 32 pages of original artwork to accompany the lyrics

. A taster here is.

September 28, 2017

Legend to master the music


Pete Maher agreed to master our music. He also went on to praise the production too. Excited!

September 25, 2017

Pete Maher Is now listening for harmonics and compression. Below is Tommy's LOOK of concern today at the cube. Only a few minutes later all was complete. www.petemaher.com

September 2, 2017

Very fine and fun day with the boys to bag some very cool photos. Both studio album and video shots in.

August 23, 2017

Yes for yesterday. A wrap as they say. The debute album Mix is mixed...

August 23, 2017

We are so excited and inspired by two incredible musicians whose contribution to our music is beyond imagination.

Thanks to Annalise and Dylon.

August 23, 2017

We would like to say a big BIG thanks to Nick Harper for contributing to Time Colliders first album. Nick has made our Ibiza chillout section the epitome of mellow, relaxing and melodic, creating an extraordinary moment in this diverse musical journey of an album. 

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"Time Collider's first album is a new way to love progressive rock- there's a whole different sound to it"
- The Undisclosed -